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Plumbing problems can affect the quality of your life. You need the right plumbing experts to address those problems and restore comfort. When faced with common and uncommon plumbing issues, trust our plumbers at BFMD to be there for you. We are a reliable and reputable plumbing company serving homes and businesses in and around Towson, MD.

Our plumbers in Manchester are professionally trained, licensed, and experienced. You can expect to work with professionals dedicated to quality service delivery and unwavering customer satisfaction. We go the extra mile on each job handled, using the right quality materials, and guaranteeing the best possible outcomes.

Need a plumbing company that cares more about you than your money? Contact us at BFMD! Our plumbers will come to you as quickly as you want to address those dreaded plumbing issues. 

Plumbing company that you can trust

Your plumbing system is a network of pipes of various sizes. Any problem affecting any of the pipes or installations can threaten the quality of your life. You need a plumbing company that you can trust to inspect and address plumbing issues quickly before they escalate. BFMD is that company.

We have been providing quality plumbing services and solutions to Towson, MD residents for years, as well as Balitmore County in general. We have also spread our plumbing services to the surrounding areas, making sure that customers get the help they need when emergency and non-emergency plumbing issues arise. Our glowing reviews are a testament to the quality of services we render and our commitment to customer satisfaction.

Our plumbing services include;

drainage (1)

Sewer line repair/Replacement

Have problems with your sewer line or suffering from drain clogs or sewage backup? Our team provides sewer line repairs and replacement services. Trust us to inspect, diagnose, and fix the problem. We use the right quality materials and our rates are competitive. Contact us for all sewer line repair/replacement needs today!

Video Pipe Inspections

Our video pipe inspection service saves you time and money. Whether you have lost a valuable item like a piece of jewelry down the drain or you’re suffering from a nasty drain clog, we can help. BFMD uses the latest technology to save time and pinpoint the source of your drain or sewer line problems. With our video pipe inspection service, we eliminate guesswork and deliver quality solutions to improve the quality of your life.

Water Meter Installation

Is your water meter broken or faulty? Do you feel your water meter is reading wrongly? Contact our team at BFMD for help. We offer water meter installation services that save money and reflect your water usage. You no longer have to feel cheated. Our team will go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction at all times. Contact us!

Towson Plumber Near You

Hiring a plumber near you has many perks. At BFMD, our customers in and around Towson, MD trust us not only because we offer premium quality plumbing services. Our customers also believe in our quick response solution to their emergency and non-emergency plumbing problems. So, whether you need a Towson Drain clearing service or you’re buying a new home and need Video Pipe Inspections Towson, MD to ascertain the condition of your sewers, we are happy to help. Our plumbing services are designed for both residential and commercial customers.

We make sure to stay on standby, offering emergency response to plumbing problems, and preventing further damage to customers’ properties. Need an expert to handle your Water Line repair Towson? Call us!  

Need help? Our experts are here to help!

Why you should Choose BFMD?

BFMD LLC is a family-owned and operated business that has served the Towson community for years, as well as nearby Cockeysville and Catonsville. We are experienced in all aspects of plumbing and offer quality services at an affordable price. We pride ourselves on our commitment to customer satisfaction, and we will work hard to ensure that you are happy with the work we do.
So, what makes us stand out from the herd?

Competitive Pricing

You shouldn’t have to break the bank to enjoy quality plumbing services. BFMD offers premium plumbing solutions at competitive prices. Enjoy peace of mind and affordability by calling us.

Quick Response & Emergency Plumbing

Do you need a plumber that is on standby and ready to come to you at any time? Call our plumbers at BFMD.

Free, Upfront, & Honest Quotes

BFMD is your local plumber and we remain conscious of that. All our quotes are free, upfront, and honest. You won’t have to worry about inflated costs, hidden charges, or being cheated.

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BFMD provides an array of plumbing solutions that improve the quality of your life. We offer residential and commercial plumbing services like;
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