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Plumbing issues, whether as little as a leaking faucet or as complex as sewer line problems, can complicate your life. Addressing this problem requires you to connect with a professional plumber with experience and customer-oriented services. BFMD offers all the plumbing solutions that you need in Catonsville and the surrounding areas in Balitmore County, such as Cockeysville and  Towson. Our experienced and professional plumbers have what it takes to address common and uncommon plumbing issues, making sure that the quality of your life is restored.

As your local plumbers, we serve both commercial and residential property owners. Our plumbers address emergency and non-emergency plumbing issues. We maintain the highest level of transparency with our service and remain committed to customer satisfaction. When you need a plumber that can come quickly, address the problem, and save you time and money, contact BFMD!

Plumbing company that you can trust

Significant plumbing issues like sewage backup or problems with your water meter can cost you a lot of money in the wrong hands. Homes and businesses in and around Catonsville trust us at BFMD to handle all of these problems quickly. As a locally trusted plumbing company, we do not take this trust for granted. Our Manchester plumbing crew is made of vetted, professional, and licensed individuals.

Our glowing reviews from local customers say it all. We aim to maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction by offering a quick response and free estimates, using top-quality materials, and delivering excellent plumbing solutions.

Our plumbing services include;

drainage (1)

Sewer line repair/Replacement

Suffering from recurrent drain clogs? Dealing with nasty sewage backup problems or others? Our professional plumbers at BFMD can help. We offer sewage line inspection, repair, and replacement services to customers in and around our service areas. We are honest and will quote the problem just as it is. We will also offer advice and recommendations where necessary to prevent recurrent problems. Contact us for any sewer line repair/replacement needs!

Video Pipe Inspections

BFMD uses the latest technology to ease your stress and address your plumbing needs. Our video inspection service saves time and money, helping you to locate valuables that you’ve lost down the drain or problem areas in your plumbing system. Through our video pipe inspections, we can discover cracks or damages in your piping and reasons for recurrent clogs, and address those problems faster.

Water Meter Installation

Our water meter installation contractors help you save money that you would have otherwise lost due to faulty or broken water meters. We have what it takes to rightly install water meters, save you money, and ensure an accurate reflection of your water usage. Contact us for help.

Catonsville Plumber Near You

Hiring a local plumber has many perks. As your local plumber, our team at BFMD is ready to work with you. The quality of our services has made us a local favorite among residents in and around Catonsville. We go the extra mile on each job, making sure that we do the right thing and that customers are satisfied with the quality of our services.

Need a plumber to handle your Catonsville Drain clearing needs? Looking for a technology-focused plumber to provide Video Pipe Inspections Catonsville, MD? Contact us!
Our plumbers will come to you, inspect/diagnose the problem, and fix it. Get in touch with us for expert Water Line repair Catonsville and more!

Need help? Our experts are here to help!

Why you should Choose BFMD?

Free, Upfront, & Honest Quotes

Are you tired of dealing with hidden charges and dishonest quotes? Contact us at BFMD. Our pricing is transparent and we offer upfront quotes before the job starts. Know what you’re paying and why.

Competitive Pricing

Quality plumbing services shouldn’t necessarily cost an arm and a leg. Our services at BFMD are designed to save you money and deliver peace of mind.

Quick Response & Emergency Plumbing

BFMD is optimized to quickly respond to your service calls, whether for emergencies or non-emergency plumbing problems. We help you to save money by arresting plumbing problems quickly and preventing further damages.

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Plumbing services Offered in Catonsville:

As your Catonsville plumber, we handle all of your plumbing needs. Our plumbing services include;
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