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Are you dealing with plumbing leaks or clogged drains? Have you noticed an unusual spike in your water bills? Is your home or business suffering from low water pressure? You need the right plumbing experts to get on the job and solve them in record time. At BFMD, LLC, our Randallstown plumbers specialize in handling all plumbing problems, whether big or small.

We understand the inner workings of commercial and residential plumbing and pair our knowledge and experience with the latest plumbing technologies.

Our customers can expect nothing short of a satisfactory service when they hire us for their plumbing needs. The BFMD, LLC plumbing team will arrive early, offer a free upfront estimate, get the job done, and leave you to enjoy the comfort and satisfaction of a fully functioning plumbing system.

Plumbing Company That You Can Trust

BFMD, LLC is the plumbing company to trust whether your plumbing fixture is broken and needs repairs or completely damaged and needs replacement. Our plumbers have decades of combined hands-on experience to tackle any plumbing issue, big or small. Trust that our professional plumbers will arrive at your property early, inspect and diagnose the problem, and perform the required fix to get your home or business’ plumbing working again.

Our services include; 

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Sewer Line Repair

Sewer lines are often out of sight and out of mind until problems occur. Contact our BFMD, LLC plumbers for all your sewer line repair Baltimore County needs. Our team will determine the best line of action to restore your sewer line to its fully functional state.


Video Inspections

Trial and error methods for repairing pipes and plumbing fixtures cost a lot of money. At BFMD, LLC, our video inspection solution lets us accurately diagnose plumbing problems and the affected areas. With this technology, our Maryland utility contractors help cut costs and address plumbing problems accurately.


Waterline Installations

Do you have a waterline problem? Are you experiencing low indoor water pressure or an unusually high water bill? Trust BFMD, LLC to get to the bottom of it. We have experienced Randallstown plumbers to diagnose and fix the problem so you can enjoy appropriate water pressure indoors. 

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Drain Clearing/Unclogging

Drain problems can lead to foul odors and other issues. BFMD, LLC has what it takes to address blocked or slowed drainage problems. Our team uses the right tools and technology to unclog your drain, cutting through the blockage and restoring functionality to it. Experiencing slow drainage? Contact us!

Randallstown, MD Plumber Near You

Plumbing emergencies can happen at any time of the day or night. These emergencies require contacting a trusted and responsive plumber to fix the issue and prevent expensive damages. 

Our Maryland utility contractors and plumbers at BFMD, LLC are here for you.

We deliver excellent plumbing services backed by years of experience and a commitment to customer satisfaction. Our plumbing professionals have a reputation for arriving on time, getting the job done, and putting a smile on the faces of customers. So, whether you’re battling a plumbing leak or an extensive problem like a backed-up sewer or sewer line problem, rest assured that we can help.

Contact us for a free plumbing estimate through;

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Need help? Our experts are here to help!

Why Should You Choose BFMD?

Minor plumbing problems are often overlooked until they become major issues. At BFMD, LLC, there’s no job too big or too small for us to handle. Our professional plumbers show up on time, diagnose your plumbing problem, and recommend the right fix to restore normalcy. You can trust us to handle it all, whether a problem with your sewer line, water meter or other plumbing installations at home or work.

Choosing us allows you to enjoy;


Variety of Services

BFMD, LLC is your one-stop shop for all plumbing needs in and around Randallstown, MD. Our plumbers and Maryland utility contractors handle everything from waterline installation to water meter installations. We also handle other repairs and replacement services to keep your home and business functioning.

No Hidden Fees

Are you scared of hiring a plumber because of their service costs and hidden charges? BFMD, LLC promises a better experience. We offer free upfront estimates to customers and get their plumbing issues resolved in no time. With us, what we quote is what you pay!

Quick Responses

A plumbing emergency requires an emergency response to save your property from water damage. At BFMD, LLC, our plumbers are on standby and ready to be deployed to your home or business. Trust that we will arrive on time, arrest the situation, and restore normalcy, all in record time.

Experienced Professionals

With BFMD, LLC, you can trust that you’ll continue to get the best services delivered by trained and professional plumbers. All of our plumbers have been carefully selected to deliver the best experience to customers.

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Plumbing Services Offered in Randallstown, MD

At BFMD, LLC, we have experienced and professional plumbers for all your plumbing needs. Trust that there’s no job too big or too small for us.

Save big on Our Drain Clearing & Sewer Or Water Service Replacement Services!

Local Point of Interest

The Department of Permits, Approvals, & Inspections is in charge of building permit issuance in Timonium-Lutherville, MD. The department also handles inspection of construction activities to ensure they are up to code. All renovations and remodeling projects involving new additions, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and other non-exempt activities have to be permitted by the department.

Name: Department of Permits, Approvals, & Inspections
Phone: (410) 887-3353
Address: County Office Building, 111 West Chesapeake Ave., Towson, MD 21204

Local News

BFMD, LLC keeps track of the latest construction and development news in Randallstown, MD, and the surrounding areas. Here are some of the latest updates in the area.

759-unit Housing Development in the Works Near White Marsh Mall: A large parcel of mostly undeveloped land near White Marsh Mall in eastern Baltimore County has been okayed for the construction of a 759-unit housing project.

Klein Enterprises Secures Refinancing Funds for 11 Retail Properties in Maryland and Virginia: Klein Enterprises has announced a $110M in refinancing for 11 retail properties in cities across Maryland and Virginia. 

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