Reasons you need a sewer inspection before you buy a Home

Homeownership requires a lot of capital and commitment. Seeing as it is a long-term investment, many prospective buyers take their time to check all aspects of the purchase carefully. One of the steps homeowners don’t skimp on is a home inspection. Home inspectors are trusted professionals who carefully inspect the property to ensure that it meets up to standard. The home inspection process involves all areas like electricals, plumbing, roofing, insulation, and Sewer line inspection in Manchester. With the interior and exterior carefully inspected, the inspectors will offer a comprehensive report detailing the problems with the home. Prospective buyers can estimate the cost of repairs using the report and decide on whether to buy or not.

Home inspection has become an important part of the property buying process. Buyers often use the inspection report as leverage to drive down asking prices. As a prospective homebuyer, there are different types of pre-purchase inspections, including framing or structure inspection, building envelope inspection, roof inspection, mechanical and plumbing systems inspection, and electrical inspections. During plumbing inspections, the inspector can forget your sewer and sewer system.

Home Inspection Team Can Ignore the Sewer Systems

A home inspection is a very detailed process that encompasses the interior and exterior of the building. However, inspectors are likely to forget your sewer system during the process. Two reasons are common causes of this problem;

  1. The majority of your sewer system is underground. This means you’ll most likely need a video pipe inspection service to gain access to the sewer. Unfortunately, most home inspectors lack the specialized equipment needed to carry out this examination.
  1. Out of sight is often out of mind during a home inspection.

Prospective buyers need to take extra steps to ensure that their inspectors have the right tools to detect possible problems with their sewer system. Failure to check the sewer systems may not readily pose a problem at first, but the buyer may experience issues in the first few months after moving in, and this may cost them several hundreds of dollars.

Sewer Line Repair is Costly in Maryland

If you are wondering why you need a sewer line inspection before buying a house, your answer is simple. Sewer line repairs are costly to undertake and someone has to pay. As a new home buyer, sewer line problems can plunge you into deeper debt, especially when you aren’t prepared for such an expense. With sewer line problems, there’s nothing like a typical cost. The plumber has to come in to inspect the sewer line and diagnose the problem – which costs money. You may also need to replace the sewer line if extensive damages have been detected – this will cost lots of dollars too. Then your plumber will charge you an extra fee for labor to excavate your yard before the faulty pipes are detected and repaired or replaced. You may also accrue even more money in plumbing costs depending on what the plumber finds during the process.

Sometimes, tree roots may have gotten into the sewer line, thus creating a whole new problem. The plumber may need to saw off the tree root or may recommend a tree service company to get rid of the problem, all at extra costs.

The sewer line inspection price may seem costly, but the process is crucial. Detecting sewer line problems early during the pre-purchase inspection can push the repair cost to the seller or give you better bargaining power.

The Worst-Case Scenario for Not Inspecting Sewer Lines

You should always consider the worst-case scenario when debating the pros and cons of spending a few extra dollars on sewer line inspection before purchasing a property. Imagine buying the home of your dreams and going all out -financially- to achieve this goal. Two to three months down the line, there’s a foul smell in the basement followed by a plumbing problem, most likely a backflow affecting your basement floor. You call on a plumber, and they attribute the blockage to your sewer line.

Now, you can’t flush any toilet in your home, and your drains are acting up. You need the problem addressed fast but now have to borrow more money to pay for the sewer line inspection that should have been done earlier. Your plumber finds a tree root to be the cause of the problem, and now you have to pay for more things, including excavation, sewer pipe replacement, labor, and more. All of these could easily run into thousands of dollars, sometimes as high as $20,000, that could have been saved if you did the right thing earlier.

Your Sewer Line Repair Options

Whether you have detected sewer line problems before payment or after, there is a line of approach to address such issues. While a simple sewer line inspection costs anywhere between $200 and $300, you can detect problems that may cost you $20,000 or more and save yourself from plunging deep into debt.

At the end of the sewer line inspection, your plumber or home inspector will determine the cost of repair for the problems detected. Consider the repair cost and decide whether to continue with the purchase or not. If you have agreed to continue with the purchase, assess how the newest development affects the asking price and how much you’re willing to offer. You can also proceed to determine responsibility for the repair, that is, whether the damage falls within the home owner’s jurisdiction or civil jurisdiction.

If the repair falls under the homeowner’s jurisdiction, you or the present owner can negotiate the repair cost and either deduct it from the sale price or let the seller handle it. It is advisable to back out of such a purchase if the problem is extensive.

You Should Hire the Best Sewer Inspection Company

Hiring the best sewer line inspection company gives you a better chance of preventing unplanned expenses. In looking for the best plumbing and sewer line inspection company, you should take reputation, experience, and customer service seriously. Inspectors with great reviews are even more preferred. You can get started by visiting for a reputable sewer line inspector.


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