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A good plumbing system is one of the most essential attributes of a functional building, either commercial or residential. Plumbing can make or break the value and livability of a residential or commercial building. This is why the plumbing system of a building is best handled by professional Maryland plumbers.

You can contact us at BFMD plumbing to hire trained, certified, insured, and experienced plumbers in Lutherville, MD. We have a team of plumbing professionals that deliver top-notch plumbing services promptly and at competitive prices.

Plumbing Company That You Can Trust

BFMD plumbing is a plumbing company known for offering outstanding plumbing services. Since our inception, we’ve successfully handled various plumbing issues ranging from simple to seemingly complicated repairs. We understand the intricate details of plumbing, and we use our expertise to consistently deliver reliable plumbing solutions to our clients. In addition, we’ve received several positive reviews for our impeccable plumbing services in and around Lutherville, MD.

Some of our services include;

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Sewer Line Repair/Replacement

A sewer line damage can lead to serious inconvenience because it’s usually accompanied by an unpleasant odor, clogged or poor drainage, and more. Therefore, sewer line repair or replacement should be done as soon as possible. At BFMD Plumbing, we handle sewer line repair and replacement promptly and expertly. We begin by inspecting the building inside out to discover the point of damage. Once we’ve found the spot of sewer line damage, we employ the necessary safety precautions as we handle the trenching, repairs, and replacement. 


Video Pipe Inspections

We conduct video pipe inspections to discover various plumbing problems in the water pipe and sewer line. We use a high-definition waterproof camera fed through the pipe entryway. The camera picks up footage which is transmitted to our expert technician on the ground. The video pipe inspection helps to discover the precise point of the plumbing problem and then mark the point on the surface. It also allows us to find and fix impending issues before they get out of hand.

Water Meter Installation

At BFMD Plumbing, we have a team of dedicated plumbing experts skilled in water meter installation. You can derive several benefits from installing a water meter in your home or commercial building. It’ll help you contribute to a better environment, and it also helps reduce money spent on water bills. Visit us today to schedule an appointment for water meter installation.

Lutherville, MD Plumber Near You

Are you looking for a reliable plumber in Lutherville, MD? Kindly contact us at BFMD Plumbing; we take pride in handling various plumbing issues. Our plumbers are experts in offering top-notch Lutherville drain clearing. If you’re experiencing a leaky pipe, clogged water pipe, or other water pipe problems, kindly reach out to us for professional water line repair. We also offer video pipe inspections Lutherville to residential and commercial properties. Contact us today for high-quality plumbing solutions.

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Why You Should Choose BFMD

BFMD is a plumbing company that specializes in proffering long-lasting solutions to plumbing problems. We’re an award-winning plumbing company that offers full-service sewer repair, drain cleaning, and many more.

Our plumbers in Maryland are trained and licensed to operate in Lutherville, MD, and surrounding areas. We also have a well-structured insurance plan that protects our workers and clients in the event of unexpected damages or injuries.

Whether you want to install new plumbing features in your home or office or you wish to repair and replace damaged plumbing features, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

We Serve Lutherville, MD, and Nearby Areas

Our office is located in the city center, making us easily accessible to our clients in Lutherville, MD. We also serve other nearby locations such as;
  • Pikesville, MD
  • Overlea, MD
  • Mays Chapel, MD

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Plumbing Services Offered in Lutherville

At BFMD plumbing, we’re known for delivering quality plumbing services at competitive prices. We have the knowledge and expertise required to offer various plumbing services. Some of our services include;

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Local Point of interest in Lutherville, MD

As a reliable provider of fire hydrant repair services in Lutherville, BFMD recommends visiting the fire museum of Maryland to know the history of the urban fire service in the U.S.

Fire Museum of Maryland

Address: 1301-R York Rd, Timonium, MD 21093, United States
Phone: +1 410 321 7500
Timings: Wed – Sat – 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Keeping Up With Latest Lutherville, MD News

  • COVID-19 Updates and Precautions

Medical experts around the world urge everyone to continuously abide by the preventive rules of COVID-19. The precautions are essential to combat the spread of the new strain of COVID-19; Delta, omicron variants, and SARS-CoV-2 strain.

In Lutherville, MD, reports have shown that over 10000 COVID-19 cases are recorded among 100,000 people. At BFMD, we ensure that we abide strictly by the COVID-19 precautions. In addition, we ensure that we check the temperature of our staff every day as we resume work for the day.

  • High-Tech Plumbing Trends

Technological innovations are gaining ground in various industries, and the plumbing industry is experiencing a fair share of technological advancement. The touchless faucets, tankless water heaters, upgraded toilets, and more are some of the most sought-after plumbing technologies. Kindly contact us at BFMD to hire professional plumbers to help upgrade the plumbing features of your residential or commercial building.

  • COVID-19 Vaccination

In Lutherville, Maryland, anyone from age 5 is now eligible for the initial COVID-19 vaccination. Also, anyone from age 12 upwards is eligible for the booster shot. Lutherville, MD, residents are advised to visit the nearest local health departments, hospitals, and pharmacies to get vaccinated.

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