How to Quickly and Easily Fix a Water Pipe Leak

Every home needs an adequate water supply system for various daily needs. The water supply system consists of water pipes, taps, pumps, tanks, and more. Unfortunately, water pipes running from the yard or garden, through walls, and into every tap in the home often get damaged, leading to water pipe leakage and other problems. Water pipe leaks are somewhat inevitable even in new buildings. Therefore, due to the prevalence of waterpipe leakage, it is essential for homeowners to learn about what is required to repair water lines.

Water pipe leaks often start small and gradually expand over time, so it’s best to fix this issue quickly to prevent further damage. However, it’s not easy to detect a water pipe leak, mainly because most water pipes are hidden in walls and underground. However, there are ways of detecting leaking water pipes, some of which include; dripping water sound, lower water pressure in taps, and many more. Once you’ve found the exact leaking pipe, you’re on the right track toward learning how to fix water pipe.

How To Fix Water Pipe Leaks

Before you proceed with any technique to leak repair water lines, make sure you drain them out first. You can do this by shutting off the main water supply of your home. The main water supply valve is usually located in an irrigation box near the end of your property or beside your home’s water meter. Turn the water supply valve anticlockwise to turn off the water supply. Once the water supply is turned off, you’ll need to drain out the remaining water in the waterline. To do this, turn on the tap faucets and flush the toilet to empty the water closet. After draining the water out completely, you can proceed with your repairs.

Severe water pipe leaks can flood a home, but lesser leaks may cause little or no damage. As such, the method for repairing a water pipe leak is determined by the type of leak. 

Here are some easy methods for fixing water pipe leaks.

Fix a Water Pipe Leak With Fiberglass Tape

Fiberglass tape is flexible and comes in handy when fixing leaky pipes. To begin, use a piece of dry clothes to clean the area of the leak. Make sure that the area is dry before you apply fiberglass tape. Wrap the fiberglass tape around the leaky pipe. 

Epoxy Putty Water Pipe Leak Repair

Epoxy putty is one of the versatile repair materials you should have in your toolbox. It comes in two soft parts that should be mixed before use. To fix water pipe leak with epoxy putty, mix the two parts of the epoxy putty in a small cup and apply it to the cleaned and dried surface of the damaged water pipe. You can knead and mold the putty mixture to sufficiently cover the damaged pipe. When the molded putty is cured and set, it’ll become hard and block the leaking hole. Then all you need to do is turn on the water supply to check if the pipe is still leaking.

Fixing Water Pipe Leaks With Slip Coupling

Slip couplings are small waterproof connections used to join two pieces of pipe together. Ensure that you use a slip coupling material that’s made with the same material as the leaky pipe. Also, make sure the slip coupling material is of the same diameter as your pipe. After you’ve drained the water pipe, place the slip coupling close to the damaged pipe and use it to measure the length of the damaged area to cut. Mark out the damaged area and use a pipe cutter to cut out the damaged area.

When you’ve cut the leakage area, you’ll be left with two separate pipes. Reshape the pipes with a deburring tool, then use the slip coupling to connect the two separate pipes. When you’re done with the installation, turn on the water supply to check if your slip coupling was properly fixed.

How To Repair a Larger Water Leak

Fixing a larger water leak requires the use of a patch (it could be a strip of rubber) and a clamp (C-clamp, adjustable hose clamp, or a pipe-sleeve clamp). Before you proceed with the repair, turn off the water supply valve and drain the water lines. If the surface of the damaged water pipe has rough edges, use a metal file to smooth the pipe. Place the rubber patch over the damaged area and hold the patch in place with a clamp. Ensure that you tighten the clamp to seal the broken pipe completely. When you’re done, turn on the water supply to check for leakage. 

However, to effectively fix a broken water pipe, it’s best to hire reputable Manchester Water Pipe Repair services to get the job done properly. An expert plumbing company will give the broken pipe a long-lasting fix and save you the stress of continuous temporary DIY fixes.

How to Fix A Leaking Water Pipe Underground

Underground water pipe leaks are another prevalent type of water leak. Underground water pipe leaks occur due to pipe corrosion, underground movement, intruding tree roots, and more. It can be challenging to detect underground water, but if you pay attention to some indicators, you can detect the location of the underground water leakage. Some of these indicators include;

  • Significant reduction in water pressure when using the dishwasher, sink, shower, and other plumbing appliances.
  • Moldy or rusty water
  • Splashing and hissing noise 

Underground water leakage can also be detected using a smart leak detector device. This device will show warnings and signals to indicate underground water leakage. When you’re faced with underground water leakage in your garden, it’s best to hire a professional plumbing service to expertly handle the repair.

If you are still seeing signs of water leakage after performing any of the repair methods mentioned above, it is best to call on a professional plumber to come to take a look at things. You can also discuss your plumbing problems with our expert here


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